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10 Most Popular smartwatches in the world right now!

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A smartwatch is one of the leading smart gadget collections among young generations. They don’t just tell the time, and they can do everything. They are a travel buddy with multiple features right on your twist. The smart Watch has almost the same features as a smartphone has and can perform every activity seamlessly. In this post, we are going to excavate top 10 Smart Watches available in the market. Let’s get started… 

Apple Smart Watch

Apple Smart Watch comes with a sensor that tracks the heart rate along with steps of the user. This tracking allows the user to measuredaily activities such as standing walking or exercising. With this personalized tracking system, the smart Watch suggests users with customized exercises for the user. 

Phone calls and voice calls works flawlessly on the Apple smartwatch, helping users to keep projects moving simultaneously important calls, wherever you are. Messages that come through apple smart watch’s iMessage System travel easily through the cellular-based internet connection to reach your wrist efficiently. 

Samsung Smart Watch

With Samsung Smart Watch, you can leave your phone behind! It has 4G LTE connectivity that is being used from your mobile data plan so you can send texts, get emails, and receive notifications as well as even make calls all without your phone. The Samsung Smart Watch also allows users to make payments easily. You can pay almost anywhere that you would use a credit card. No more wallet or phone is necessary. 

Whether you are running, hiking or checking into your preferred brunch spot, the Samsung smartwatch helps you stay on the map. 

Lenovo Smart Watch 

Lenovo Ego is an affordable smartwatch that guarantees twenty days battery back up on a single charge. The smart Watch comes with a twenty-four hours real-time heart rate monitor that the company claims has good precision even while performing heavy tasks such as cycling, running, as well as exercising. It also comes with scientific sleep tracking, which determines the users sleep prototypes as well as helps them schedule how they sleep. 

The Watch also comes with water resistance property up to fifty meters and can be used to track swim laps, calories burnt as well as stroke style. The Watch also encompasses the capability to provide users with notifications, phone alerts, alarms, along with remote camera features. 

Garmin Smart Watch 

Garmin Smart Watch comes with a sunlight-readable, high-resolution colour touch screen. It has built-in support apps, including GPS-enabled running, biking and golfing plus swimming and activity tracking that let you view your stats even when away from your phone. It easily pairs with your smartphone to gently vibrate as well as display alerts for incoming calls, texts, emails as well as calendar items plus notifications from social media along with other mobile apps. The Garmin Smartwatch battery charge lasts through all your activities with up to three weeks in Watch or activity tracking mode or else up to ten hours using GPS. 


Fitbit is the best Smart Watch that comes with health and fitness to elevate your day. Fitbit comes with a six-plus day battery life. The smart Watch can easily track activity, sleep, heart rate and more around the clock with multi-day battery on a single charge. The Watch has Always-On Display Mode that allows users just glance to see your clock face during workouts or when your hands are full. The Watch also allows users to download essential and preferred apps – everything from a timer and weather to Spotify and Strava. Users can also give their Watch a perfect look with hundreds of unique designs downloadable from the Fitbit app.  

LG Smart Watch

LG Smart Watch is designed to make users life easier. The New LG Android SmartWatch is compatible with Android 4.3 or else higher and iOS 8.2 and later. The smartwatch is capable of giving you useful information when you need it most. It provides fast answers to spoken Questions 1. It has always-on-display with 400 mAh battery. The smart Watch meets IP67 Requirements for water as well as dust resistance. 

Huawei Smart Watch 

Huawei Smart Watch is stylish as well as long-lasting and has nearly all features that ate essentially in a smartwatch. Huawei smartwatch comes with excellent battery life and has a wearable design. It has strong fitness tracking features as well as works with Android and iOS. The Watch is slim at only 10.6mm thick. It feels like a conventional watch on the wrist, where it is very contented and is light with only forty-six grams weight. It has 1.4-inch, 454 x 454 resolution AMOLED screens aren’t surrounded by a large bezel. The Smartwatch is paired with a slim body; the whole Watch looks astonishingly compact. 

Fossil Smartwatch

Fossil Smart Watches are hybrid and made with technology that allows you to live life connected without forgoing style. They are ever ready for active moments. Fossil smartwatches are designed to track your activity as well as help you stay on course with your ambitions. They track your steps, and track distance travelled as well as calories burnt. It even also tracks the user’s heart rate to give you an even more precise depiction of your activity. The Fossil smartwatch also allows users to stay connected to things and people that matter the most to you. Fossil smartwatches give users a call and text alert, while the Hybrid HR and touch screen smartwatches provide you with the weather report, social media notifications, calendar alerts and more! 

Timex Smart Watch

Timex SmartWatch has been around for a couple of years now as well as is still trying to justify their purpose. It combines both features of an analogue and smartwatches. It has some unique features as it can easily measure your deep and light sleep. Entire data syncs with Timex Connected App, that’s available for iOS and Android devices, over Bluetooth 4.0 connections. The smartwatch allows you to set your daily goals using the connected app as well as monitor your progress in terms of percentage of the goal accomplished by a simple glance on the watch face. 

Polar Electro Smart Watch

Polar Electro is one of the leading manufacturers of sports training computers as well as heart rate monitoring equipment. It developed a wireless heart rate monitor to track your activities. 

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