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Article 370 Revoked: What was earlier and how it will be now?

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Finally the Indian Government has revoked Article 370! Big news around the world! Pakistan is in shock!! Article 370 gave special status to Jammu & Kashmir until yesterday but now it has changed! No more Special Status.

In this blog post we will get familiar with the status of Jammu & Kashmir how it was earlier and how it will be now after being revoked. Here’s what will change after now with its revocation:

Change in Special status of J & K

  1. Special status ends now:

Earlier: Jammu and Kashmir was having special status from rest of the country

Now: No more special status!

  • Separate constitution

Earlier: Jammu and Kashmir was the only state in country with its separate constitution as per the provisions mentioned in Article 370, a TEMPORARY PROVISION that grants special independent states to Jammu and Kashmir.  

Now: The Government decision to revoke article 370 will cancel the special provision which grants power to Jammu and Kashmir to have its own constitution. Jammu and Kashmir will now remain to the constitution of India, much like the rest of the country.

  • Right to buy property!

Earlier: Article 35A, which is based on Article 370, empowered the Jammu & Kashmir Legislature to define the state’s permanent residents and grant them special rights and privileges. 

Now: People from outside the Jammu and Kashmir can also be able to buy property in the state as well as settle there.

  • Law and order

Earlier: Law as well as order was under the control of the state government

Now: Following the divergence of the state into two Union Territories- Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, the law and order machinery will have to be restructured. The Government can structure the power-sharing model on the lines of either Delhi or else Pudducherry, both union territories. In Delhi, law as well as order is under the control of the Union Government, while in Puducherry law and order is a state subject.    

  • Central laws

Earlier: The central government had to ask for approval of the state legislature to draft and enact laws

Now: Central laws will involuntarily pertain to the state

  • Separate Flag!

Earlier: Article 370 granted special permission to Jammu and Kashmir to have its own flag along with the national flag

Now: it will depend upon parliament to choose if the state can continue having its own flag The cancellation of special power to Jammu and Kashmir will definitely diminish the terrorism in the country. It will definitely have some optimistic outcome! Let’s hope for the best!!

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